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The Girl Who Smiled

Anonymous inquired: you have vizsla puppies!?

Yes! We have 10 adorable vizsla puppies *^* 
I made gifs but I don’t know why they are not working here :S

We are a bigger family now c:


"Don’t let her know you saw her naked."
I though it would be good to make some OC sketches and then this happened. 

Fanart Trade with hatorikumiko 

FanArt Trade WIP

WIP c:

Cake-design for my next artwork. I can’t decide but the third one got the most votes…

Portrait commission

WIP - still unfinished

WIP c:

Tutorial?? Walkthrough? IDK! 
I hope this is useful. Enjoy! ♥


Novel Illustration

First day of life :D

Contest entry DONE °^°

WIP 02